Pioneer of modern automobiles: the Mercedes-Benz 180 (W 120) debuted in 1953

The première of the Model 180 (W 120) in 1953, today lovingly referred to as the “Pontoon Mercedes” (or the “Roundie”), was a technical and aesthetic milestone in the history of the passenger cars from Mercedes-Benz. The intermediate saloon was the first car from the Stuttgart-based brand to feature a unibody and at the same time the first whose bodywork was designed in the form of a pontoon. The W 120 was a trendsetting predecessor of the E-Class, but it also put its mark on the styling and technical design of the new luxury class (model series 180/105/128, from 1954).

The unibody pioneer at Mercedes-Benz

Successful differentiation

Benchmarks for the luxury class

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