Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape - Music Stream.

This is the Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape – Music Stream: a 24/7 stream of great music. We offer you a hand-picked selection of music, all day long, every day of the week, commercial‑free. Our music selection is based on the curated style and genres of the Mercedes‑Benz Mixed Tape Compilation available for download below.


Currently the Mixed Tape Music Stream is available via our website and in your vehicle as internet radio with selected COMAND Online* units as part of the Mercedes‑Benz Apps.


* (available for NTG4.5, NTG5 SOP, NTG5*1 and NTG5*2)

Mixed Tape Compilation: Best of 2014.

Take a look back.

Before the release of our Mixed Tape Compilation #60 we are glad to offer you a special edition compilation of the tracks that grew dearest to our hearts until the end of last year. The diversity of this selection once again strives to reflect the affluence of great music out there, with styles ranging from tender pop to perky rock. But not only is this a look back, it also is a look forward. From now on the Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape Compilation will be presented in a new podcast format for free download every 8 weeks. Get your free download of compilation in the player below and enjoy the sprawling spectrum of delightful new music.

Duologue by Dan Wilton
Lydia Ainsworth by John Michael Fulton

Tender pop and perky rock.

As one would expect the mix is quite diverse, containing music for every taste. On the one side of this edition’s musical spectrum you’ll find artists like Seekae, Akouo or London based band Duologue with their exquisitely melodramatic track “Sibling”.

On the other side there are Oh Mercy, Nicholas Krgovich or the more down to earth London based duo Cowbell. You can listen to every song from the compilation below and download some of them for free.