Center of Excellence.

Unique Mercedes-Benz cars, as well as selected Mercedes-AMG models are presented in the extravagant, timeless setting of this 2,200 m2 exhibition space. Our cars occupy centre stage – together with you, our highly valued customers. This is where you can experience premium vehicles in an exclusive setting and benefit from comprehensive, personal advice. We look forward to meeting you and taking the time to understand your individual needs.

2,200 square meters – a feast for all your senses.

Visiting the Center of Excellence is an unforgettable experience. The leading products from Mercedes-Benz are a feast for all the senses – exclusive design, outstanding quality, powerful sounds and an engaging hands-on experience, not to mention the unique atmosphere and our in-house gourmet restaurant to add a culinary highlight to your visit. You can also make your experience even more unique for all involved – we’ll be delighted to combine your visit with more car-related attractions upon request, such as the remarkable Mercedes-Benz Museum or the spectacular Classic Center.

A car like no other.

A Mercedes is unique – in every way. A MANUFAKTUR configuration provides you with an almost infinite number of ways in which to customise your car. These include technical interior options, as well as customised paints, special leather trimming, selected materials or seat adjustments. Your special wishes are transformed into individual solutions that are expertly implemented by our factory workers.

This approach results in a wonderfully harmonic vehicle that is unique in every way – a car that embodies perfect synergies between form and function.

Seats made to measure.

You have individual seating requirements. We can modify your seat to meet your personal requirements so that it fits you perfectly. Mercedes-Benz offers its customers this service ex-factory.

Effective changes are achievable with even minor adjustments (padding, reducing and widening the seat surfaces, lengthening the cushion, padding the seat backrest, etc.).

This offer applies to all Mercedes-Benz customers who already have a vehicle or order a new one. 

We make your car dreams come true and customize your car individually. In the Center of Excellence we combine experience and aesthetic empathy with a lot of enthusiasm for our brand. We would love to consult you with our original color samples and many digital solutions.

The Center of Excellence is very adaptable. On behalf of our top customer loyalty program “Mercedes-Benz Circle of Excellence” the Center appears to a sophisticated event locations for presentations, sneak-previews and symposia.

booking on request.

Inside Mercedes-Benz.

Join our top customer loyalty program: “Mercedes-Benz Circle of Excellence”.

The “Mercedes-Benz Circle of Excellence” is an exclusive communications platform dedicated to highly valued customers, which offers its members unique experiences and member-only access to attractive benefits. Featuring a wide range of special offers and dedicated tools, the CIRCLE concept provides you with interesting and exclusive opportunities to learn more about the world of Mercedes-Benz and benefit from the advantages of this program. Join this special community and get closer to Mercedes-Benz than you’ve ever been before!

A history of innovation.

All members of our brand family can boast a long and successful track record. This is our guarantee of a highly promising future of mobility. Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-AMG. Mercedes-Maybach – exclusivity, outstanding quality, comfort and safety. Dynamic performance. Modern luxury. We will be pleased to tailor our products to your unique vision of life and the things that drive you. You can take your dream car away from the Center of Excellence – and the future will hold many more in store.

Our core expertise.

Bespoke advice and delivery.

Individuality is our core expertise – from understanding your unique needs to delivering your dream car. But what else do we guarantee? Meticulous attention to detail and an in-depth understanding of what makes a car that you enjoy and with which you feel at one. “Excellence” by name, excellent by nature – we strive for excellence in everything we do. Each and every day. Just for you.

Individuality and gratitude.

We are driven by our enthusiasm for our products, each of which are as unique as our customers. Our commitment, alongside dedicated customer service, is as much a hallmark of the Center of Excellence as our customised products and solutions that are tailored perfectly to your needs. We value the opportunity of explaining your new prestigious car and advising you on how to get the most out of it. Our centre reveals our state-of-the-art innovations and the latest trends – bringing you into the future with Mercedes-Benz.