Hidden Heroes plays on the power of different perspectives and shows how small or hidden elements contribute significantly to the big picture – from initiatives that change lives in incremental but significant ways to the people and technologies that work behind the scenes to create and shape the world we live in. At the same time, nature exerts immense power, often hidden from view. Hidden Heroes provides a multi-layered backdrop for a series of interesting characters, hidden heroes, and stories.

The overall space tonality at Studio Odeonsplatz will correspond with the campaign topic of hidden power through transparency, subtle lightweight natural colours and materials, and biophilic design elements inspired by multifunctional structures from nature – also reflecting the connection between sustainability, electromobility and digitization.


For this campaign’s striking installation, contributing artist Dirk Bonn highlights a Li-ion battery cell from an EQS drive carrier – impressively enlarged and presented as a space-filling, high-gloss art object. Dirk Bonn is a visual artist, art director and 3D effects specialist who creates object-based sculptural installations for enjoyment, entertainment and commerce. Drawing from his background in skating and music, he develops immersive & interactive concepts and experiences.


Your space to discover a new galaxy.

48°08'33.4"N 11°34'38.0"E

Studio Odeonsplatz
Brienner Strasse 1
80333 Munich


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