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Virtual tour.

How about a little insight into one of our a guided tours? Come on a free virtual tour with our guide Pádraic Ó Leanacháin and discover the first levels of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. You can also discover the museum with our 360° images and get a first glimpse of the exhibition.

Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Building on our heritage: The Mercedes-Benz Museum presents the history of the automobile from its invention in 1886 to the future. 160 vehicles and a total of more than 1,500 exhibits can be seen on nine exhibition levels with 16,500 square meters of space.

The exhibition not only presents the fascinating history of the Mercedes-Benz brand, it also affords illuminating insights into the future. This dual function is also reflected in the architecture of the Mercedes-Benz Museum, designed by the UNStudio of Dutch architects van Berkel and Bos, Amsterdam. The building’s interior is inspired by the double helix structure of the DNA spiral that carries the human genome. This in turn illustrates the Mercedes-Benz brand’s philosophy – to continuously create radically new products to advance the cause of human mobility.

During a two-hour tour of the exhibition, visitors experience a unique journey through automotive history. Transported by lift to the uppermost level of the museum, the visitor arrives back in the year 1886, where two museum tours gradually spiral their way down through the extensive collection and back to the museum exit.

The first of the tours consists of seven Legend rooms which narrate the chronological history of the brand. The second tour groups the wealth of vehicles on display into five separate Collection rooms, which thematically document the breadth and diversity of the brand portfolio and collection. The visitor can switch from one tour to the other at any time. Both tours finish at the banked curve entitled Silver Arrows – Races & Records. The exhibition is rounded off by the Fascination of Technology display, which offers a glimpse into day-to-day work at Mercedes-Benz and also presents topics concerning the future of the automobile.


Legends at the Mercedes-Benz Museum.


The entire Mercedes Legend comes to life in seven chronologically ordered arrangements of exhibits. Here, visitors meet the vehicles representative for special eras of automotive development, from the beginning of automotive history and the birth of the Mercedes brand to fascinating models from recent past and present. Each vehicle shown is embedded in its contemporary context presented by additional exhibits, documents, photos, or pictures from its days. The level of “Races & Records” ends the tour through the Legend area and impressively shows the fascination of motorsport. Here, the exhibits are presented on an awe-inspiring steep-bank curve which runs through all of this floor.


Collections at the Mercedes-Benz Museum.


Parallel to the Legend rooms in which exhibits are arranged scenically under artificial light, the bright Collection rooms show their exhibits in daylight. Here, the exhibits are not arranged in their chronological context but in a topical one. Thus, the Gallery of Voyagers shows vehicles from all epochs which made voyages both big and small safe and convenient.

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The Mercedes-Benz Museum regularly presents theme-based special exhibitions in addition to the permanent exhibition. Discover previous special exhibitions in virtual space!

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Numbers & Facts.

Architect UNStudio van Berkel & Bos, Amsterdam
Display conception Prof. HG Merz, Stuttgart
Height of construction 47.5 meter
Ground area 4,800 square meters
Levels 9
Gross weight 110,000 tons
Number of triangular panes of glass 1,800 (none being identical)
Length of the wire system laid in the concrete 630 kilometre
Length of the heating pipes laid in the concrete 100 kilometre
Number of lamps in the museum 12,000
Exhibition space 16,500 square meter
Legend Rooms surface 9,100 square meter
Collection Rooms surface 5,300 square meter
Total number of exhibits 1,500
Total number of vehicles 160

Mercedes-Benz Museum.

World-class architecture meets unparalleled automotive history – filmed with a drone.