When is someone 'young'? And what does 'old' really mean?

Questions such as these are answered by the new special exhibition in the Mercedes-Benz Museum from 21 October 2016 to 30 June 2017. “EY ALTER – Get to know yourself” examines the demographic change in the working environment and beyond. Admission to the special exhibition is included in the ticket price for the Museum.

On 21 October a special exhibition will open in the Mercedes-Benz Museum which for the first time will feature no vehicles. At „EY ALTER – Get to know yourself” the focus is on age - a topic of great social importance. The exhibition examines the numerous age stereotypes, and makes the opportunities presented by demographic change tangible in a creative way.

The EY ALTER experience.

The exhibition focuses on personal experience. Testing oneself, redefining one's age, being surprised by age-specific strengths. Above all the exhibition is about a paradigm shift – losing prejudices about age and moving to the numerous potentials possessed by everyone. This informative, interactive and very personal exhibition shows the advantages of every age, and how young and old can work successfully together.


Twenty interactive stations require full commitment by the mind and body. "Visitors will find out a great deal about themselves," says Monja Büdke, Head of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. It was she who brought EY ALTER to Stuttgart.

'YES – Young and Experienced together Successful'.

„EY ALTER – Get to know yourself” was developed on the basis of ideas from Mercedes-Benz, and with the scientific support of the Jacobs University in Bremen. The exhibition is part of the Mercedes-Benz demographics initiative "YES – Young and Experienced together Successful". The aim of YES is to encourage cooperation between young and experienced employees in the workforce.

The first step was the Universum Science Center Bremen, an interactive scientific museum about technology, humans and nature. Following its great public success, the exhibition is now coming to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. The special exhibition covering around 400 square metres is open from 21 October 2016 to 30 June 2017 in the Fascination of Technology section (Level 0). Admission is included in the basic museum ticket price.

Further information at www.eyalter.com
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