Barrier-free in and around the exhibition.

Ramps around the Mercedes-Benz Museum facilitate access for wheelchair users. The exhibition’s Legend rooms are also equipped with DIN-standard ramps with intermediate platforms and handrails at wheelchair height. Throughout the exhibition there are satellite lifts serving all levels

The barrier-free approach was also incorporated into the choice of materials during construction of the museum. One example of this is the non-slip flooring. Other barrier-free operational features include appropriate toilet facilities, swivel doors at the entrance to the exhibition, wheelchair and wheeled walker availability.

We strive to avoid long waiting times for guests with disabilities at the ticket office. Please feel free to contact our security staff for assistance. Admission to the museum is free for disabled visitors and for those accompanying visitors with severe disabilities or requiring full attendance. If we can be of further assistance by carrying to your vehicle any purchases made at our shop situated in the Mercedes-Benz Museum passage, simply ask one of our shop employees.

Toilet facilities, swivel doors at the entrance to the exhibition, availability of wheelchairs (3)and wheeled walkers (10) also help to guarantee a barrier-free experience.

Special glasses for colour blind visitors.

For visitors with this limitation, the Mercedes-Benz now offers the public special glasses of the company EnChroma. These glasses very precisely filter a small part of the colour spectrum from the visible light, making it possible to see an expanded range of distinct, vibrant colour. The result is a much more colourful and contrast-rich perception of the surroundings. Adults and children can now borrow these special aids to colour vision, free of charge, for their visit to the exhibition.

Guided tours for wheelchair users.

Up to a group size of 20 people, including a maximum of 5 people in wheelchairs, the Mercedes-Benz Museum also offers special guided tours for wheelchair users. Disabled guests will be given priority at the Mercedes-Benz Museum ticket desk.

For further information, please contact the Mercedes-Benz Classic Contact Center at Tel.: +49 711-17 30 000 or

“Golden Wheelchair” clear access award.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum has received awards for its accessibility. It has been embedded in the architecture since the initial planning stages.

Handicapped-accessible paths by means of ramps and lifts make the exhibition accessible on all levels for wheelchair users and families with prams. The first prize was the architecture award “Exemplary Barrier-Free Construction 2007”.


Arrival by car

The museum car park has four disabled parking bays and four family parking bays. Please note: do not park in car park P4 if you are visiting with a wheelchair user, since this car park has no lift facility.



Arrival by train

Barrier-free access to/from S-Bahn station Neckarpark (Mercedes-Benz) Bus route 56, predominantly low-floor buses in service.


Wheelchairs and aids

There are wheelchairs available for loan at the museum. For this, 50 € will be retained as a deposit at the cash desk. In addition, there are rollators / walkers that can be borrowed upon request. Please bring trained escorts with you. 

Disabled tours are available until 4:00 pm. A maximum of five wheelchair users in a group can take part in a guided tour. Reservations are welcome at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Contact Center