Love of beautifully maintained cars.

They come from the region, some even from abroad, and there are many of them: the first warm rays of sunshine mean increasing anticipation for Classics & Coffee. The popular vintage and young classics meet-up at the Mercedes-Benz Museum will take place every Sunday from 14 April to 13 October 2024. When the weather is fine, several hundred gleaming car bodies transform the Museum mound into a large open-air car show. It’s all about the love of old and beautifully maintained cars, talking to other petrol-heads and, of course, seeing and being seen. Vehicles of all makes with H plates, as well as young classics more than 20 years old and in good condition, are welcome to come along. No pre-registration is required, and participation is free of charge.

Please note: On the following Sundays Classics & Coffee will take place despite home game:

  • 16.06.2024
  • 23.06.2024
Special dates 2024.
  • 14.04.2024 Super sports cars - Special Guest Collecting Cars with “Coffee Run”
  • 19.05.2024: “Baby Benz” (W 201 model series)
  • 09.06.2024:  AMG Special 
  • 30.06.2024: 45th anniversary G-Class Special 
  • 21.07.2024: 70 years of the 300 SL (W 198 series)
  • 04.08. 2024: Super sports cars - Special Guest Collecting Cars with “Coffee Run”
  • 18.08.2024: Porsche Special  
  • 25.08. 2024: Coupe & Cabriolet Special 
  • 01.09. 2024: AMG Special 
  • 22.09. 2024: Off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles & campers