A narrative spanning 125 years of club history.

VfB Stuttgart is taking the occasion of its 125th anniversary to celebrate together with its members and fans at various events. As the main platform of the festivities to mark its anniversary, VfB in cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz Museum will open the special exhibition “125 Years of VfB Stuttgart” on 9 September 2018. The unique surroundings of the Museum will offer an opportunity to experience the eventful history and memorable past of VfB.

Situated in the direct vicinity of the red & white club grounds, the Mercedes-Benz Museum will therefore become a meeting point for all VfB fans from 9 September 2018 until 19 May 2019, the date on which the two predecessor clubs merged to form VfB. Access to the special exhibition is already included in the entrance fee.

Selbst der originale Flipchart-Plan mit der Mannschaftsaufstellung von Trainer Armin Veh ist dabei, die den Verein 2007 Deutscher Meister werden lässt. Oder das Trikot von Jürgen Klinsmann aus dem Spiel am 14. November 1987 gegen Bayern München. In der 18. Minute versenkt er den Ball per Fallrückzieher mit dem rechten Fuß ins Netz: 1:0. Ein absolutes Weltklassetor. Es macht ihn zum Superstar. Der VfB gewinnt mit 3:0. Auch die schwarze Gesichtsmaske von Kapitän Christian Gentner gehört zur Ausstellung. Er trägt sie nach einer folgenschweren Begegnung mit dem Knie des gegnerischen Torwarts in der Saison 2017/2018 zum Schutz – ein halbes Jahr lang.

Weitere Beispiele sind: Das silberne Lorbeerblatt, das die Mannschaft 1950 zum Sieg der Deutschen Meisterschaft erhält, ganz unscheinbar auf Samt in seiner Originalschatulle. Oder der Endspielball der Deutschen Meisterschaft 1952 mit den Unterschriften der Mannschaft aus dem Besitz von Otto Baitinger, damals zweifacher Torschütze im Finale. Auch die Fußballschuhe von Daniel Didavi sind ausgestellt, mit denen der Mittelfeldspieler 2015 per Linksschuss eines von zwei für den Klassenerhalt entscheidenden Toren ins Netz setzt. Aber die Sonderausstellung konzentriert sich nicht allein auf den Fußballsport. Schließlich hat der VfB weitere Abteilungen.

Key moments in club history.

Pulling his parent's hand, this young fan wants one thing badly: to go into the stands, where the boy secures a good spot in the middle with the best view of the key moments in club history, brought to life in a multimedia presentation. Moving images - befitting VfB, the “Verein für Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart 1893 e.V.” The famous sports club has been around for 125 years. Mercedes-Benz and VfB look back on many years of close cooperation in the spirit of partnership. That is the reason why the Mercedes-Benz Museum will present the special exhibition from 9 September 2018 to 19 May 2019, at the same time offering its congratulations on the anniversary.

Stadium atmosphere in the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

More than 100 exhibits on display.

Championship trophy, cup trophies, jerseys, pennants and player awards, photos and tickets as well as exciting original documents: the VfB archives selected more than 100 key exhibits for the exhibition. This is the first time they are on public display in this combination. Even hard hats used during the transformation of the stadium into the MHP Arena are on display. And of course, one guy just has to be there: Fritzle, the VfB mascot, fondly also called the Animator in Chief of the people of Stuttgart.

The VfB special exhibition for children.

Research the history of VfB Stuttgart with all the senses: the special exhibition “On the move since 1893” makes this possible for children and families. To accompany the special exhibition, the museum has developed its own book of discovery with twelve exciting tasks. The answers are all in the special exhibition, for example by touching items on the “Fritzle Table”, an activity station with music and comics. Alongside the tasks, the 22-page book of discovery also has pictures to colour in. It is available for museum visitors free of charge.

The original: ball from the final game of the 1952 German Championship with the signatures of the VfB team.

More than 100 key exhibits from the club's history: The face mask of Christian Gentner.

Klinsmann jersey and Gentner face mask.

Even the original flip chart with the line-up of manager Armin Veh is there, which won the German championship in 2007. Or the jersey of Jürgen Klinsmann from the game on 14 November 1987 against Bayern Munich. In the 18th minute, he buried the ball in the net with a right-footed bicycle kick: 1:0. An absolute world-class goal. It made him a superstar. VfB won 3:0. The black face mask of team captain Christian Gentner is also part of the exhibition. He wore it for protection after a serious encounter with the knee of an opposing goalie in the 2017/2018 season – for half a year.

Further examples are: The silver laurel leaf, which the team received for winning the German Championship in 1950, quite unspectacular in its original case. Or the ball from the final game of the 1952 German Championship with the signatures of the team, donated by Otto Baitinger, who scored twice that day. The football boots of Daniel Didavi are also on exhibit. They are the ones he wore in 2015, when the midfielder used his left foot to score one of the two crucial goals that kept the club from relegation. However, the special exhibition focuses not only on the sport of football. After all, VfB also covers other sports.

Track and field is also a division of VfB: Jersey of Helmar Müller from the Olympic Games 1968 in Mexico.

Not just football alone.

VfB has already had track and field athletics since 1894, for example. Helmar Müller is the most successful track and field athlete in the club's history. His biggest triumph wearing the red stripe on his chest: the bronze medal in the 4 x 400 metre relay at the Olympic Games 1968 in Mexico. The time of 3:00.5 minutes also represented a European record. No question that the original jersey is a star of the special exhibition. However, VfB is also distinguished by its fist ball, hockey, table tennis, referee and guard divisions, which are also featured in the exhibition.

Vehicles with links to VfB.

Around the stands in exhibition room Collection 5 are vehicles from the history of Mercedes-Benz with a connection to key years of VfB. The Daimler Stahlradwagen, back then a state-of-the-art design, dates from the founding year of 1893. The championship years of 1950, 1952, 1984, 1992 and 2007 are represented by Mercedes-Benz models as they were actually driven in the parades through the masses of fans in Stuttgart.

VfB and Mercedes-Benz look back on many years of close cooperation in the spirit of partnership. The parade vehicles of the championship years always bear the famous three-pointed star.

An inspiration as the club strives for a return to top-flight football: C 63 AMG of Robert Wickens in the colours of VfB Stuttgart.

Mercedes-Benz supports the VfB in the fight for promotion in 2016/2017.

The young fan stands in front of the youngest car: a real DTM racing car. It is the vehicle of Robert Wickens from 2017. During the first few races of the season, it sported the VfB colours to support the team in the fight for promotion. The season was very successful for VfB: the club won the title in the 2nd German division and was promoted to the top flight. Getting a ride in the C 63 DTM just once, that would be a big dream come true. But seeing it up close in the special exhibition makes at least a small dream come true.