Sheer diversity.

To 17 November 2024, the interactive exhibition can be experienced free of charge on Level 0 of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The exhibition tour consists of experience-specific and topic-specific stations, as well as the “Stuttgart Wall” with references to further events and exciting mobility locations in the city. For the content and questions, six companies have contributed their knowledge as partners of the exhibition: Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch eBike Systems), German Aerospace Center (DLR), Mercedes-Benz AG, Stadtwerke Stuttgart GmbH, Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG and Stuttgarter Wohnungs- und Städtebaugesellschaft mbH.

Always on the move – The stations of the exhibition.

Mobility is the theme of the special exhibition, and the visit itself also gets people moving: Those coming to engage with ON THE MOVE remain in constant action. The experience stations in particular ensure this. Here, visitors can intuitively and interactively engage with the key topics of the special exhibition. Additional subject-specific stations provide more in-depth information and references to everyday mobility. The so-called “Stuttgart Wall” provides a local reference with a broad horizon. This is where mobility locations and events are presented as an abstract city panorama, where the topics covered by the exhibition can be specifically experienced in the city.

Eight experience stations.

At the experience stations, the focus is on a playful examination of eight themes around mobility.

  • Availability
  • Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Information
  • Health
  • Deceleration
  • Values

The encounter takes place on the one hand by means of digital game scenarios in the virtual city “Mobitopia”, and on the other hand via action games in the room itself which involve the entire body. Visitors intuitively get to know their own mobility requirements and wishes. These elements are complemented by idea tables with “best practice” examples and innovations from all over the world, in addition to media displays.

A digital game ball accompanies visitors to ON THE MOVE throughout all the experience stations. At the end of the course, the saved game scores are revealed in the form of a ticket, on which the mobility character chosen by the participant is also shown.

Five subject-specific stations.

The importance of mobility for every individual and society as a whole, as well as a variety of interconnections, can be discovered at the exhibition’s five subject-specific stations.

  • Mobility and living
  • Mobility and working
  • Mobility and energy
  • Mobility and consumption
  • Mobility and travel

These stations provide answers to important questions about current and future mobility, and encourage reflection on one’s own everyday mobility habits.

“Stuttgart Wall”

Stuttgart is already living modern mobility in many places. Examples illustrate this: the digital car factory “Factory 56”; the increasing linking of different mobility offers in the Stuttgart-Vaihingen mobility hub; a traffic school for young people which opened in 2020 and an ecologically exemplary residential quarter with short distances to work. These and other places link THE MOBILE INDIVIDUAL with the city and its society – as does the extensive programme accompanying the exhibition.