• Special guided tour: Automotive and architecture.

Many impressions.

In the Mercedes-Benz Museum, the vehicles, the building, the rooms and the materials of the exhibition play ball with each other. Many impressions reach the visitors unconsciously flanking and thus underline the fascinating journey through time that the guests undertake.

Learn exceedingly interesting details with which the exhibition planners and architects have made your visit even more exciting - and suddenly everything comes together to form a conceptually breathtaking whole - the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Guided tours in the Mercedes-Benz Museum: Automotive and Architecture.

Guide: Armin Gröger.

“I will accompany you across this unique playground of museum designers and architects through the history of the inventors of the automobile. Let me surprise you...”

Our guides are deployed according to availability.

Museum Guide: Armin Gröger.

Bookable as scheduled tours or registered group tours.

Scheduled tours

Due to the current situation we are unfortunately unable to offer scheduled tours on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of motorsports.

Registered group tours
Experience a private guided tour covering topics of your choice. Whichever special tour you are interested in, you will discover exactly the points you are looking for. Ideal for groups.
  • Up to 20 people per guide
  • During normal opening hours: 120 € plus museum entry price
  • Outside normal opening hours: 400 € plus museum entry price
  • Languages: German and English are always available. Other languages and times on request

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