• Special guided tour: Women and cars.

Fascinating women in automotive history.

On an exciting tour in the museum, get to know women who have written automotive history through their inventions and developments, their successes or their name: Bertha Benz, Mercedes Jellinek, Ernes Merck, Ewy Rosqvist, Dorothy Levitt and many others.

Guided tours at the Mercedes-Benz Museum: women and cars.
Guided tours at the Mercedes-Benz Museum: guides Manuela Günther und Vivien Gress.

Guides: Manuela Günther und Vivien Gress.

“As women, we find it really exciting to see what role women have played in the history of the motorcar and how much women have contributed to it. For example, there are inventions that we use today as a matter of course in motorcars that originally came from women. It is also admirable that, at a time when women played a definitely subordinate role in society, some of them also showed incredible courage to follow their ideas and dreams.”

Our guides are deployed according to availability.

Bookable as scheduled tours or registered group tours.

Scheduled tours

Due to the current situation we are unfortunately unable to offer scheduled tours on the topic of the women and cars.

Registered group tours
Experience a private guided tour covering topics of your choice. Whichever special tour you are interested in, you will discover exactly the points you are looking for. Ideal for groups.
  • Up to 20 people per guide
  • During normal opening hours: 120 € plus museum entry price
  • Outside normal opening hours: 400 € plus museum entry price
  • Languages: German and English are always available. Other languages and times on request

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