Klemm-Daimler L 20 lightweight aircraft.

The L 20 was developed as a sports and travel aircraft by Hans Klemm at Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft in 1923; he produced it himself from 1926 following his departure from the company. At the controls of such an L 20, which he had christened “Kamerad” (comrade), Friedrich Karl Baron von Koenig acquired world-wide fame: at the tender age of 20, he undertook a legendary flight around the world from August 1928 to November 1929.

  • Cylinders 2
  • Displacement 54 cu in
  • Output 20 PS (15 kW)
  • at engine speed 3000/min
  • Top speed 65 mph
  • Weight 120 lbs
  • Payload capacity 84 lbs