With all the senses.

Starting now, the Mercedes-Benz Museum is offering visitor groups from day nurseries and kindergartens cases containing educational material which enable the permanent exhibition to be explored with all the senses. The concept is tailored to two age groups: visitors aged from two to four years and from five to seven years. It helps children to experience the permanent exhibition of mobility since 1886 in an intuitive way appropriate to their age.

The history of mobility.

Searching and seeing, touching and exploring, hearing and telling: the Mercedes-Benz Museum has packed two very special cases for its very youngest visitors. Groups from day nurseries and kindergartens can now explore the permanent exhibition showing the history of mobility in a new way with these Museum cases. Each case is designed to be used by 15 children and at least two accompanying adults. One accompanying adult has free entry to the Museum for every five children in the group. The groups are able to determine the duration of the tour themselves.

Available for two age groups.

The Museum’s educational material is available for two age groups: the “Hear. Touch. Marvel.” case is aimed at children aged two to four. The “Round. Square. Colourful.” case is designed for girls and boys aged five to seven years. Extensive guidelines are included with the cases to give accompanying adults ideas on how the tour through the permanent exhibition can be made individual with the Museum case. The guidelines contain explanatory and intuitive texts, search questions on exhibits and suggested games, amongst other things.

The contents of the Museum cases include Mercedes stars and colouring books, as well as models of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL with its famous “gullwing” doors and a model of the first “Silver Arrow” racing car with traces of the grinding work to remove the white paint. 

Both cases also contain a small gift for the children to take home.

When their visit begins, the groups are first taken to the Genius Campus. Following an introductory presentation about the Museum and explanations on the use of the cases, the lifts take the group to the Museum’s permanent exhibition. After their return the visitors are once again received in the Campus, which is equipped for children with an eating area, changing facilities and toilets. The Museum cases are returned at this point.

Registration and further information.

Groups wishing to explore the Museum with the cases should contact the Classic Contact Centre, by phone: +49 711 17 30000 or email classic@daimler.com. The use of the museum case is free of charge after registration. Further information about the variety of packages the Mercedes-Benz Museum offers children and families is available here:

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