Be amazed.

Discover the unique architecture of the Mercedes-Benz Museum, which spirals into the air. Its overall shape is reminiscent of a DNA double helix, representing the genetic heritage of the Mercedes-Benz brand expressed by more than 1500 exhibits.

A special guided tour by our museum guides, trained in the subject matter by architects, will enable you to become acquainted with this building in full detail. A milestone in modern architecture that allows unprecedented perspectives. Find out how specially developed digital technologies made this masterpiece of glass, concrete and steel possible in the first place. Absorb the magical effect of a building that has no equal anywhere. After the tour, you are welcome to explore the museum by yourself.

Areas covered: the museum itself and, if accessible, the lounge, casino, roof terrace and twists.

Guide: Pádraic Ó Leanacháin.

“I like doing the architectural tour very much because visitors find the building so fascinating. During the construction period, I felt inspired by the shape. The dimensions are simply colossal. And the building houses the even more fascinating history of the Mercedes-Benz brand.”

Our guides are deployed according to availability.

Contact and further information.

In addition to audio guides, the Mercedes-Benz Museum offers guided tours by our experts.

Please contact our Contact Centre for booking enquiries or further questions.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Contact Centre
Phone: +49 711 1730000

Registered group tours

Experience a private guided tour covering topics of your choice. Whichever special tour you are interested in, you will discover exactly the points you are looking for. Ideal for groups.

  • Up to 20 people per guide
  • During normal opening hours: 120.- € plus museum entry price
  • Outside normal opening hours: 400.- € plus museum entry price
  • Languages: German and English are always available. Other languages and times on request
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