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The brand Mercedes-Benz is synonymous not only with passenger cars and Silver Arrows but also with commercial vehicles. In 1895, Carl Benz presented his bus, the first in the world with an internal combustion engine, which then went into service along the Siegen – Netphen – Deuz route in March of the same year. In 1896, Benz developed the delivery van, then called “Delivery vehicle” or “Business vehicle” whereas Gottlieb Daimler in Stuttgart had built his first truck in 1898.

With their innovations and inventions, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz laid the cornerstone for the motorized transport of goods and persons. One reason to build the museum in 2006 was the wish to present this rich and valuable history of the “big vehicles”. Our museum houses 40 historical trucks, vans and busses, which you may get to know better through our expert tours on commercial vehicles. 

Guide: Dietmar Gustke.

“Commercial vehicles – those are the honest hard-working workers which, every day and throughout the world, prove their usefulness on and off the roads. And, are they thanked for their hard work? That is why we decided to honour these ‘everyday heroes’ with a tour dedicated to them, their history and development. It is an exciting tour from the start, when development was focused on use, to the present day where comfort is becoming more important. One thing will always remain the same: Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles are reliable companions for every day.”

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In addition to audio guides, the Mercedes-Benz Museum offers guided tours by our experts.

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Registered group tours

Experience a private guided tour covering topics of your choice. Whichever special tour you are interested in, you will discover exactly the points you are looking for. Ideal for groups.

  • Up to 20 people per guide
  • During normal opening hours: 120.- € plus museum entry price
  • Outside normal opening hours: 400.- € plus museum entry price
  • Languages: German and English are always available. Other languages and times on request
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