Motoring milestones at the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Turn your visit to the museum into a fascinating experience of a journey through time – right where the inventor of the motorcar is based. History – and particularly the history of the motorcar – from 1886 onwards is just waiting to be discovered by you with our expert guidance. Start with the world’s first motorcar and progress through to see what the latest concept cars have to offer.

During the museum tour you will also discover the fascination of the Mercedes-Benz SL and explore the new special exhibition.

Guide: Anna-Maria Büttner.

“135 years of motorcar history sounds like a long time. But the decades have just flown by because that history is so diverse. During the guided tour of the museum, you will get to know the highlights of the exhibition – and not only the motorcar highlights.”

Our guides are deployed according to availability.

Contact and further information.

In addition to audio guides, the Mercedes-Benz Museum offers guided tours by our experts.

Please contact our Contact Centre for booking enquiries or further questions.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Contact Centre
Phone: +49 711 1730000

Registered group tours

Experience a private guided tour covering topics of your choice. Whichever special tour you are interested in, you will discover exactly the points you are looking for. Ideal for groups.

  • Up to 20 people per guide
  • During normal opening hours: 120 € plus museum entry price
  • Outside normal opening hours: 400 € plus museum entry price
  • Languages: German and English are always available. Other languages and times on request
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