Technological progress and innovative design originate from one and the same source – first, there is always a vision. When pen and paper come together, the vision is given form and becomes reality. Guided by the “Modern Luxury” design language of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, a clear grasp of the fledgling timepiece emerges from the sketch, so that every facet can be perfected afterwards on the basis of a 3D model. The attention to detail is continuously there – whether the needle is rounding the speedometer or the dial.

Besides the chronographs with automatic movements, the Mercedes-Benz quartz watches have also undergone the elaborate design process as innovative and sophisticated wristwatches. Thanks to the more compact design with fewer individual parts, an equally precise, high-quality watch can be created despite lower production requirements. From robust stainless steel to elegant diamonds, exclusive materials and technologies guarantee the satisfaction you’ve come to expect from Mercedes-Benz – in a classic or modern look.