• A Mercedes-Benz – For your wrist.

The dial is like the road.

Technological progress and innovative design originate from one and the same source – first, there is always a vision. When pen and paper come together, the vision is given form and becomes reality. Guided by the “Modern Luxury” design language of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, a clear grasp of the fledgling timepiece emerges from the sketch, so that every facet can be perfected afterwards on the basis of a 3D model. The attention to detail is continuously there – whether the needle is rounding the speedometer or the dial.

A sketch of the Mercedes-Benz Business Automatic Chronograph.

Jewellery with maximum functionality.

The result of a meticulous process of creation: luxurious and stylish wristwatches with a clear design language. Made from up to 200 individual parts, the Mercedes-Benz automatic chronographs are true masterpieces of Swiss watchmaking (SWISS Made). Their highly complex and intricate design guarantees reliability and precision. See for yourself.

Fewer components, same quality.

Besides the chronographs with automatic movements, the Mercedes-Benz quartz watches have also undergone the elaborate design process as innovative and sophisticated wristwatches. Thanks to the more compact design with fewer individual parts, an equally precise, high-quality watch can be created despite lower production requirements. From robust stainless steel to elegant diamonds, exclusive materials and technologies guarantee the satisfaction you’ve come to expect from Mercedes-Benz – in a classic or modern look.

A sketch of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Lady Diamond quartz chronograph.

More jewellery.

The in-house think tank.

Watches that live up to the Mercedes-Benz “Modern Luxury” design language need a team that has mastered it perfectly: the Creation Corporate Design Team. Their total commitment results in a design process that yields a wide range of styles – from sophisticated to sporty. With functionality and comfort in mind, unique solutions were developed and implemented down to the smallest detail. Mercedes-Benz watches are anything but standard timepieces – they’re distinctive jewellery at the highest level of technical sophistication.