Who is this Wackeldackel?

Imagine: There was once a time when car dashboards weren't equipped with futuristic touch displays and digital controls. Back then, they had plenty of space to decorate with your favourite toys and figurines. Thankfully, SUPERPLASTIC and Mercedes-Benz have come together to bring back the iconic nodding dog dashboard toy, the Wackeldackel, and reimagine him for modern times - into Superdackel!

Meet Superdackel

We've taken an automotive and cultural icon - the Wackeldackel, or "nodding dog" dashboard toy and completely transformed him from the ground up into Superdackel! This stylish new Superdackel has all the great qualities of his predecessor, but with an adventurous edge that will leave everyone wanting more. He's no regular pup - he's a cool new part of the SUPERPLASTIC crew! From wild road trips to being beamed up into outer space – it's just the beginning for this cheeky Superdackel!