How We #RiseTogether Beyond the Track.

Electrifying innovation knows no bounds. And that's why the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team and Mercedes-EQ are committed to inspire change for society that transcends the urban circuits of FIA Formula E. Here are five fields in which we aspire to make a difference. After all, together, #WeDriveTheCity.

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At Mercedes-Benz, Racing is part of our DNA. It motivates us to aim for ever-more ambitious goals and rapidly develop the mobility of tomorrow. 

Even though we're only one year into our FIA Formula E tenure, we have already made history: Crossing the finish line in 1st and 2nd place at the final round of Season 6 in Berlin, Stoffel Vandoorne and Nyck de Vries delivered the first all-electric motorsports victory in our storied history.

Now, in Season 7, new challenges await as we once again strive for excellence amid the most unusual of circumstances. And while Racing is what has brought us here, it's also what inspires our quest for lasting change beyond the confines of the circuit.

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Sustainability is not only the most prominent feature of electric mobility. For us, it's a commitment that fundamentally drives us.

Mercedes-Benz has pledged to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2039, Decarbonisation today is a guiding principle that inspires our every move. Today, Mercedes-EQ expands its fully-electric fleet as readily as the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team commits to reducing Carbon Emissions across all operational levels and building a network of trusted partners who share our vision.

To thrive, our sustainable ambitions have found a perfect home: FIA Formula E itself has become the first global sport to achieve certified carbon neutrality from inception. 

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Technological Innovation is our way of bringing visions to life.

Pioneering development in electric drive and digitalizatiton, the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team represents our concept of what innovation must be: A quest for progress, driven by curiosity, guided by excellence.

In FIA Formula E, we make the most of our opportunity to showcase tomorrow's tech, today. Features of the Mercedes-EQ Silver Arrow may one day take to public streets, while our engineers expand the horizon of what was thought possible.

Around the world, we invite the racing community to embrace the spirit that paves the way towards a more progressive tomorrow.

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Excellence never goes out of style. And that's why, from groundbreaking silhouettes to a new standard of interior, Mercedes-EQ is rethinking the role Design plays for both performance and experience.

But Design is much more than the eye can see. From intelligent systems to a smooth execution of strategic and operational processes within our box, creativity is what elevates technology to greatness.

Lastly, our appearance around the globe is one of openness and inspiration. The EQ House makes for the most beautiful of settings to experience the feeling of Mercedes-EQ first-hand.

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When collaborating across borders, oceans and cultures, equality, respect and open-mindedness is crucial. And that's why in FIA Formula E, the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team pledges to use its platform to take a stand for more Diversity in motorsports & society.

It's a first step towards a society in which technological progress can flourish. We see Inclusion & Diversity as an integral part of any liveable city. For if there is no equal society, inspiration for collaborative progress will suffocate.

Today, Diversity is a core principle of our Team's operational positioning. Together, we'll bring it to life.

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