• Pre-Season Testing in Valencia.

3 days, 509 laps, 1,597 kms.

stoffel vandoorne giving a fistpump to his engineer

Stoffel Vandoorne.

 “We’ve had three good days of testing, during which we were able to go through our entire programme without any issues – that’s really positive compared to this time last year. We’re now working on the details thanks to knowledge gained last year. In these tests, we focused on running through our programme and were not too concerned about lap times. Instead, we wanted to make sure that everything is correct both operationally and procedural-wise. I feel we’ve accomplished that during these three days, which is what matters most. I’m really pleased with the tests and am now just looking forward to finally going racing again.”

Driver Day One Day Two Day Three
S. Vandoorne

 1:13.101 | 82 laps

 1:12.376 | 96 laps

 1:12.219 | 78 laps

N. de Vries

 1:13.575 | 80 laps

 1:12.481 | 97 laps

 1:12.279 | 76 laps


nyck de vries sitting in hiss mercedes-benz eq silver arrow 02

Nyck de Vries.

“The tests in Valencia concluded winter testing for us. I hope we’re ready for the season-opener in Santiago. I’m pleased with our tests. It’s obviously difficult to know exactly where we stand in terms of competitiveness, but that wasn’t at all a priority. I know it sounds cliché, but we were able to execute our programme and collect all the info that we set out to acquire. However, it is not easy to judge where we stand relative to the competition. As far as I’m concerned, though, I’m very pleased with the tests, especially when compared to last year, as we are in a much better position. We must now analyse the data and use the short break to be ready for Santiago afterwards.”

ian james standing in the pit lane during sundown

Ian James.

“This three-day round of testing here in Valencia has given us a great opportunity to ensure that we are well prepared going into Season 7 on 16 January in Santiago de Chile. During the three days, we followed a programme of our own which we’d worked out prior to the tests. We focused on making sure that the reliability is there so that the car would not suffer from any teething problems. We also checked out where we are at in terms of performance. It’s very difficult here in Valencia to get a feel for where we stand as compared to the competition. All the teams followed their own programmes, so we will not know how we compare until we get to Santiago. Overall, I think we can be very pleased with progress made here.”

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