• Team lay foundations for Season 8 during Valencia testing

Stoffel Vandoorne and Nyck de Vries had three days of testing around the 3.376 km configuration of the Circuit Ricardo Tormo near Valencia (29 and 30 November, 2 December). The team covered 452 laps (1,526 km) with the Mercedes-EQ Silver Arrow 02 during the three days of testing.

During the test a race was simulated from start to finish on Tuesday when drivers had extra power available for the first time in a race-like scenario (220 kW instead of 200 kW for races and 250 kW instead of 235 kW in Attack Mode). As well as ‘extra time’ which is to be introduced in Season 8 and could see races being extended by as much as 10 minutes in the event of a safety car or full course yellow period was also tried out. 

both mercedes-eq silver arrows 02 racing in the circuit in valencia
Driver Day One Day Two Day Three
Nyck de Vries 1:27.608 | 60 Laps  1:26.159 | 88 Laps  1:25.901 | 78 Laps 
Stoffel Vandoorne 1:27.623 | 61 Laps  1:26.045 | 87 Laps  1:25.861 | 78 Laps 

Nyck de Vries

"That was a great week of testing as far as we’re concerned; generally very positive. I think this has been our best Valencia test since we first began working together. The move from Germany to England has necessitated a number of changes with quite a few new faces on the team, but everything went really well. We were well prepared for the tests and were able to complete our full programme over all three days. I’m very pleased with how it all went. This week was not about performance, so test times were not particularly representative, but we appeared to be competitive in all kinds of conditions and scenarios. I am happy with the tests." 

nyck de vries standing in the box in valencia and putting in an ear piece

Stoffel Vandoorne

"The test went very well. I would go so far as to say that this has been the best test since I first joined Formula E and this team. Obviously, it comes with experience and from preparations done before the tests, but we were able to run through our scheduled programme without any issues. What was most important for us was that we were able to practise procedures and processes within the team, as our move to Brackley has meant many changes with lots of new people, new systems, new software tools plus a whole load of other new things that we need to get to grips with as a team – and that’s been our main focus during this week of testing."

stoffel vandoorne standing in the pitlane, holding his helmet

Ian James, Team Principal

"We were able to complete this week’s test in Valencia without any problems and thus managed to successfully continue with preparations for Season 8. All in all, we can be very pleased with our progress, especially considering the changes we’ve made since the end of Season 7. Both drivers felt comfortable in the car and we were able to lay solid foundations, on which to build for Season 8. At the same time, though, we know that the devil is in the details and we will be working hard come tomorrow morning to ensure we’ve got all the necessary procedures and processes in place based on our findings here, to take the momentum from Season 7 forward with us into Season 8."  

Ian James standing on stage during the team presentation in valencia

Nick Chester, Technical Director

"Overall, this test week has been positive. We completed all the laps we intended to do as part of our programme. The weather was good and there weren’t too many red flags. We did our full programme every day and the car ran well. We learned a lot in the process, but there are one or two things we now want to look at again for Diriyah. Reliability and performance look encouraging. At the same time, we have to bear in mind that the Circuit Ricardo Tormo is not a typical Formula E track. We used the same circuit layout as at the last race weekend here in Valencia, but the energy requirements are different when compared to other venues. Also, the track surface is much smoother here at a closed circuit than at the street tracks we usually drive on. Nevertheless, testing was good from a learning point of view, and we were able to cross off some of the items on our test list." 

After completing winter testing, the team will now head back to the factories at Brackley and Brixworth to prepare for the season opener of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in Diriyah, scheduled for 28 and 29 January 2022.

both mercedes-eq-silver arrow 02 standing in the pitlane during sundown

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