• About season 8

More power in the race

Starting this season, cars will have 220 kW (instead of 200 kW) of power available in the race. Power available in Attack Mode is increased from 235 kW to 250 kW. Also, there’s the likelihood of the race duration of 45 minutes plus one lap being extended by up to ten minutes in the event of safety car or full course yellow periods.

45 seconds will be added to the race time for every minute of an SC or FCY period. If an SC or FCY period extends into or occurs during or after minute 40 of the race, it will not be counted for the ‘extra time’ calculation. 


New qualifying format

From Season 8 onwards, except for the first race of the season, drivers will be divided into two eleven-strong groups for qualifying based on their position in the World Championship. Drivers whose championship positions correspond to odd numbers will compete in Group A, while those with even numbers will go head-to-head in Group B. Sessions will last ten minutes for both groups and the number of laps will be unlimited. Drivers will have 220 kW of power at their disposal and must set a lap time within the first five minutes of the session.

The four fastest drivers from each group will go through to the knockout phase of qualifying, for which 250 kW of power will be on tap.

In the quarter, semi and final rounds, two drivers will compete against each other to decide their grid positions with the one posting the faster time advancing to the next round.

The winner of the knockout phase gets pole position; the loser of the final round will start second on the grid. Drivers knocked out in the semi-finals will qualify third or fourth depending on their lap times. The same applies to those who lost out in the quarterfinals, who will occupy positions five to eight.

Drivers eliminated in the group stages will be allocated grid slots as follows: drivers who were in the pole-sitter’s group will start from the odd-numbered positions while those from the other group will line up in even-numbered positions. 


Points System

The Top Ten in each E-Prix secure points towards the drivers’ and team championships. Points are awarded to the top ten finishers according to the familiar system of: 25 - 18 - 15 - 12 -10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2 - 1.

Extra points are also awarded for pole position (3 points), the fastest driver in the group phase of qualifying (one point) and the fastest race lap (one point). 

In order to get the extra point for the fastest race lap, the driver must finish in the Top Ten, otherwise, the point goes to the driver in the Top Ten with the next-fastest lap time. Times posted with FanBoost are not taken into account.

Extra points for pole: 3
Additional point for being fastest in the group phase of qualifying: 1
Extra point for fastest race lap: 1 


Attack Mode

‘Attack Mode’ is another tactical element to enable drivers to gain more power to attack or defend their position. As a reward for taking a slower line through a corner, the electric motor’s power is increased to 250 kW for a short space of time. In order for this to hap- pen, a special ‘Attack Zone’ is set up at a suitable place off the racing line, depending on that track’s particular characteristics. In order to activate ‘Attack Mode’, the driver must press a button on the steering wheel and then drive over the three activation strips off the ideal line in the ‘Attack Zone’.

If they succeed, then ‘Attack Mode’ is immediately activated and additional power is made available. Each driver has five attempts to activate ‘Attack Mode’. The FIA determines how ‘Attack Mode’ will be deployed just before the start of the race, for example, how many times it can be used throughout the race, as well as how long these periods of activation will last for. Attack Mode cannot be activated during a yellow phase, nor can it be used during the first two laps of the race, i.e. it can only be activated under normal racing conditions.



Fans can vote in an online poll up to 15 minutes after the start of the race to decide which five drivers should receive ‘FanBoost’. Drivers can briefly use this boost to increase their car’s performance in the second stint of the race. FanBoost is indicated by a purple light on the halo. It cannot be combined with Attack Mode. 

Online vote | Start: 6 days before race | End: 15 minutes after start

Result of vote | Top 5 get FanBoost in next race

Deployment of FanBoost | In second stint of race (after 22 mins)

Extra energy available from FanBoost | 100 kJ (minimum 240 kW / 250 kW max)

LED lights on halo | Purple 


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