Mercedes-Benz and SK Gaming launch Project Avarosa.

Mercedes-Benz has been a partner of the Esports organization SK Gaming since 2019, and numerous joint projects have already been successfully implemented. Mercedes-Benz and SK Gaming want to follow up on this with Project Avarosa and make a contribution to more equal opportunities in Esports. Project Avarosa involves a scouting process and the subsequent promotion of a League of Legends team consisting of female and non-binary gamers. The goal is to enable the gamers to pursue a professional career and to offer them a safe environment with the best training opportunities along their way.

The requirements for becoming a team member are a minimum age of 16 (parental consent provided) and a performance level defined by an in-game metric – the ranking system. Applications are welcome from gamers ranked Platinum II and up. Residence must be in Europe, preferably in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Furthermore, the applicant must be willing to travel and participate in offline activities such as boot camps or workshops.