• #MovingEsports.

Non-binary Esports team.

Mercedes-Benz and SK Gaming want to promote more equal opportunities and inclusion in Esports with their Project Avarosa. On the occasion of the League of Legends World Championships (Worlds for short), representatives of Mercedes-Benz and SK Gaming came together to discuss diversity in Esports and in the working world at a joint event at SK Gaming’s facility in Cologne. The agenda ranged from an Esports talk on the topic of equality and diversity to a League of Legends training session and a watch party to the 2021 Worlds finals.

the team of project avarosa standing standing around two screens laughing and talking
alexander mueller and tanja roth standing in front of a screen, talking to each other

“Bringing the project to life together.”

The event started with a Meet & Greet for the representatives of Mercedes-Benz and the participants of Project Avarosa. Female and non-binary gamers were cast for the project, who have the aim of playing League of Legends on a competitive level and becoming professionals. The application phase is already closed. Bootcamps for scouting the final team are scheduled for the coming weeks. Alexander Müller, CEO at SK Gaming, welcomed all participants: “Together with Mercedes-Benz and Telekom, we have developed Project Avarosa. Our ambition is to set an example for diversity and equality in the Esports sector.”

Esports Talk on equality.

Subsequently, the topic of equality was discussed in an Esports Talk moderated by Melek ‘m3lly’ Balgün. “Ultimately, it’s not just about equal opportunities. This is only the starting point. We also have to take advantage of them. In our She’s Mercedes initiative, this is what we call Female Perspectives,” said Tanja Roth, Head of Branded Entertainment & Brand Partnerships at Mercedes-Benz. “It was great fun to get to talk and discuss with these young, talented and ambitious gamers. As a global brand, we have a special responsibility, which we will embrace by continuing to closely accompany and support the team.”

melek balguen and tanja roth sitting on a stage, talking about project avarosa
the team of project avarosa standing in front of their team mercedes-eqv


The non-binary Esports team is just the starting signal for a long-term attitude campaign. Under the claim #MovingEsports, more projects will follow to promote diversity and inclusion in Esports. “When we entered Esports in 2017, which was new to us then, we consciously decided that we wanted to learn and understand at first. Over the years, we have then become more and more actively involved and have already achieved a great deal. The attitude campaign was the next logical step for us. At Mercedes-Benz, we firmly believe in equal opportunities and diversity, which is why we offer our support to the Esports community,” says Bettina Fetzer, Head of Communications and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz AG.