• SK Gaming & Mercedes-EQ launch Rocket League skin.

New look wanted?

Adding a new dimension to the partnership between SK Gaming and Mercedes-EQ, the Esports organisation is unveiling its new line-up for the Esports title "Rocket League" with a special treat for the community. For three vehicle types of the game, Mercedes-EQ and SK Gaming are launching a digital vehicle livery with design elements of both brands. What is known as a "skin" will be used by the team in all competitions to hunt for goals. The skin leaves a lasting impression not only in the game, as can be seen in a photo shoot with the appropriately foiled EQA.

eqa with prints is standing in a garage while being illuminated

What is Rocket League?

Rocket League is a multiplayer online game in which players from two teams try to get a ball into the opponent's goal using their stock cars. The playing field is bordered by walls and a ceiling. On the playing field there are what are known as boost pads, with the help of which the teams can collect a turbo drive when driving over them. The teams can use this turbo to drive faster and thus "shoot" harder or to be able to fly for a short time. The skin is available now in Rocket League. Rocket League is free and available for PCs and consoles.

the engine bonnet of and eqa with the sk gaming logo printed on it

What are skins?

Skins are individual designs of video game elements. In the case of Rocket League, there are vehicle skins, such as the one from SK Gaming and Mercedes-EQ. Similar to how footballers can wear different coloured football boots as part of their kit, in many video games certain elements can be selected with different looks.

eqa with prints is standing in a garage while being illuminated