• Basics with Bernhard.


Bernhard Langer, two-time major winner in golf, explains all the basics of the sport in this five-part series. The legendary Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador touches on all the basic aspects of the sport in this five-part series: swing, clubs, course, scoring, rules – and, of course, what to wear! Starting golf made easy.

First contact.

Never played golf before? Bernhard Langer, legendary golfer and Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador, gets you started. The first episode is all about starting to play. Bernhard talks about the core of the game and how to approach your very first golf shot. 

All those clubs.

Bernhard Langer, eleven-time senior major winner and legendary Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador, explains why golfers have all those different clubs in their bags. Bernhard also uses a few of them to show you the different kind of strokes you can play with them.

Parts of the golf course.

Tee box, fairway, water hazard: Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador Bernhard Langer explains all the different parts of the golf course. Bernhard Langer, who so far has won over 110 titles as a professional golfer, guides you through the course as he plays various shots on a hole.

Golf terms and scoring.

Legendary Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador Bernhard Langer introduces you to essential golf vocabulary and how the sport’s scoring works. Next time, you see Bernhard Langer at -11 up on the leader board, you’ll know exactly what that means.

Golf rules and dress code.

Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador Bernhard Langer talks you through a typical golf outfit and also touches on the many rules of the game. What do you wear on the golf course? Two-time Masters winner Bernhard Langer knows a thing or two about how to dress for both comfort and performance. He also cuts through the rules of golf and gives you that one basic principle, that you simply cannot go wrong with. This is the final episode of Basics with Bernhard, hope you enjoyed it and have fun playing!