Connecting amateur and professional golf.

Drive to the Major offers Mercedes-Benz customers the extraordinary chance to play Royal Portrush just hours after the Champion Golfer of the Year 2019 has been awarded with the iconic Claret Jug. For eight lucky (and skilled) amateur players, Sunday afternoon’s dramatic conclusion of The 148th Open is followed by an early tee time for the Monday After Event the next morning.

First steps towards Royal Portrush.

It all begins with approaching a Mercedes-Benz dealer to register for a local MercedesTrophy. During that tournament, the Drive to the Major special competition must be won to get one step closer to playing Royal Portrush. It challenges participants to hit their tee shot closest to a straight line running along the middle of a dedicated fairway. From all MercedesTrophy tournaments that feed the same National or Regional Final, all Drive to the Major winners either take part in a draw or another shootout. The respective winner advances to the qualifying tournament at Royal Belfast during The 148th Open.

Advance to Royal Belfast.

In other countries, Drive to the Major is first played at the National or Regional Final. From there, the winner advances directly to the qualifying tournament at Royal Belfast.

There is also another way of getting closer towards that tee time on the Monday After Event. Winning a National or Regional Final gets players their invitation for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play the MercedesTrophy World Final in Stuttgart, where Drive to the Major is played once again. The winner of the special competition also advances directly to the qualifying tournament.

Eight participants.

Overall more than 30 participants from all over the world make the journey to the Drive to the Major qualifying tournament. 18 competitive holes separate them from one of the eight spots in the Monday After Event. The gross winner, the first two in each of the handicap classes A, B and C as well as the winner of a new round of the Drive to the Major special competition then get to complete the unique journey connecting amateur and professional golf. Those eight Mercedes-Benz customers will tee off at Royal Portrush on early Monday morning, just hours after the Claret Jug has been handed over to the winner of The 148th Open, the new Champion Golfer of the Year.

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