Tournaments during the week, after working hours.

The Mercedes-Benz After Work Golf Cup is a tournament series for amateur golfers that combines the ease of playing a 9-hole round with the excitement of competitive golf. By taking place on weekdays only and teeing off in the late afternoon, the series is heavily geared towards working golfers with little time but great appetite for the sport. It also frees up the weekends for family, friends, and other activities.

The series is open to all golfers. Players can compete in one singular event or any number of occasions. Prizes are awarded for each tournament. Individual scores can also be aggregated over time in superordinate rankings to monitor one’s position in the series’ leader boards and qualify for additional prizes.

Making competitive golf even more accessible.

The Mercedes-Benz After Work Golf Cup originated in Germany where it is currently played in over 3,000 tournaments each year and hosted by 300 clubs across the whole country. That way, the series triggers about 75,000 rounds of competitive golf annually.

The series was founded shortly after 9-hole rounds were made eligible to count towards the handicap. Since then, it has become the favourite of many players who enjoy a relaxed round of tournament golf and appreciate to fit that in during the week after work.

Internationally supported by The R&A.

The R&A, one of two governing bodies for the sport of golf, supports the series. The organisation operates worldwide, outside of the United States and Mexico, with the consent of 156 organisations from amateur and professional golf, and on behalf of over 30 million golfers in 143 countries.

To most casual golfers The R&A is best known for overseeing and issuing the Rules of Golf as well as being the organising body of The Open, golf’s oldest and most international major championship. Their support of the Mercedes-Benz After Work Golf Cup underlines the relevance of the series for the sport and the ever-growing popularity of competitive 9-hole golf.

Start competing after work today.

The success of the Mercedes-Benz After Work Golf Cup has led to the ongoing expansion into other countries across the globe. The Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Sweden have already joined the format, making competitive golf even more accessible to a growing community of enthusiastic players.

To compete in the series just go to the Mercedes-Benz After Work Golf Cup website and start your journey by picking the country you want to play in. Owning a Mercedes-Benz is not a prerequisite to register, play the tournaments and win prizes in the competition.