A co-creation by Mercedes-Benz and PlayStation Studios, Media Molecule.

Future visions – created by you!

Welcome to the co-creation project that invites the world to imagine the futures we dream of.

Through collaboration and communication, we can create the desirable visions we want for ourselves and the planet.

Let’s imagine futures together.

Mercedes-Benz and Media Molecule collaborate to bring desirable future visions to life. 

Let’s imagine futures together: You can see a character sitting on a cube.

How do we imagine the world of tomorrow?

Driven by the thought of “Let’s imagine futures together”, Mercedes-Benz teams up with Media Molecule and their Dreams game universe to answer the question: How do we imagine the world of tomorrow? By entering into a dialogue with younger generations about desirable future scenarios, Mercedes-Benz follows the pioneering spirit of its founders to strive for a better tomorrow.

A step into new exciting territory, but with experienced and reliable partners at hand: Media Molecule and YOU. Let’s use the creative power of Dreams and share the idea of a desirable future. 


About the history.

During the 2019 me Convention, many of the participants were inspired by the visions of the project’s future experts, and they also shared their own dreams about the future cities they’d like to live in. Drafting, sketching and building were some of the first steps to turning their ideas into reality. As a result, the outcome of the project included a vast collection of creative concepts, design thinking walls full of sketches, a stunningly detailed future city model and plenty of open discussions. Participants envisioned cities filled with nature and a strong sense of community.

This is how “Let’s imagine futures together” started – let’s keep imagining futures to create a thriving tomorrow for all of us!