#11 What if we had enough clean energy? 


When we think about energy these days, it is usually in terms of crisis, climate change and anxiety. Energy has become a hotly debated commodity. But energy is so much more than those concepts. Energy is always in flux. We can actively decide how much we use and where we get our energy from. Today’s conversation is an exploration of various ways in which we can obtain enough clean energy in the future and how we can transform our relationship to energy itself.  

For this last episode of Future Dimensions, host Ricardia talks to experts who paint a big energy picture. We learn about some of the most exciting new technologies, like using the power of ocean waves. We also drill deep into how to create energy with something as simple as friction with sustainability expert Marlen Voigt. Second guest Roberto Bocca shares the World Economic Forum’s ideas on what each and every human can and will do to create enough clean energy in the future, while still preserving the health of the planet. 

#10 What if memories shaped our future?

In a world that’s changing at lightning speed, being sentimental about the past goes way beyond holding onto people and places in the past. Rather, it has become a powerful force, influencing pop culture, product design, and the entire trajectory of our lives. In our tenth episode, we're traveling back to our human love for all things retro – and finding out why nostalgia will inspire the next leaps in technology, design, and art.

Together with existential psychologist Clay Routledge, our host Ricardia explores why our human desire to look back shapes how we look forward. She learns that our personal biography influences our personal experience of flavour, music or art – far more than expected – during her conversation with design professor Beth Altringer Eagle. And Ricardia is happy to hear that remembering those moments where we were brave in the past can even boost our courage to change the world today. 

#9 What if gaming and reality became one?

Millions of people around the globe play video games. Gaming has become an integral part of daily life, and already now, we’re seeing how games transform how we work, socialize, and learn. In our ninth episode, we’re going one step further – and see how the seamless merging of gaming and reality will change our view on the world and how we act in it.

Our host Ricardia talks to gamer and entrepreneur Erin Ashley Simon who opens our eyes to a future where gaming will create greater equality and ground-breaking medical advancement. She invites Professor Thi Nguyen to challenge us to rethink the state of play and clear up the myth of playing being a waste of time. And she learns that the act of play or playing video games is no longer child’s play – but a very real way to stay healthy, to amplify our creativity and happiness, and to become effective problem solvers.

Dazu spricht Moderatorin Ricardia mit Gamerin und Entrepreneurin Erin Ashley Simon über eine Zukunft, in der Gaming unsere Gesellschaft gerechter gemacht und bahnbrechende medizinische Innovationen ermöglicht hat. Sie hört von Professor Thi Nguyen, warum das Klischee, Gaming sei Zeitverschwendung, längst überholt ist. Und sie lernt, dass unser Spieltrieb ganz konkret dazu beiträgt, gesund zu bleiben, unsere Kreativität zu fördern, Probleme zu lösen – und glücklicher zu sein.


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The host – Ricardia Bramley

Ricardia Bramley is an Irish-Trinidadian voice artist, podcast producer and host, as well as a writer. She was born in London, raised there, as well as in Germany and the US. Several years ago, she moved from New York City to Berlin where she currently lives.

In her previous life, she starred in countless German and international movies, soap operas and commercial productions. In her own words, she is a permanent visitor, always moving between cultures and continents.

Her rich life experience is palpable in every episode of "Future Dimensions" – just like Ricardia's charm, humour and critically optimistic view of the future.