The Mercedes-Benz podcast "Future Dimensions" presents bold visions

of the future that will move our society in the years to come.

#4 What if fiction became reality?

What came first – space stories from the 1990s or the smartphone? The fourth episode of "Future Dimensions" demonstrates how fiction and reality consistently inspire one another.

Ricardia talks to an architect and film director about why fictional worlds are also a reflection of our society. She asks a design expert how sci-fi technology is shaping our everyday lives. Learns from a science fiction professor why we should all dream of a better world, even in challenging times. And takes a deep dive into the fascination, power and responsibility of fictional stories with a legendary movie producer.

#3 What if we grew homes from mushrooms?

Houses made of mushrooms and textiles growing organically? The third episode of "Future Dimensions" focuses on the question of how architects and designers can harness the power of innovative materials to change the course of our future.

As part of the episode, Ricardia asks the founder of a futures research agency to tell her about the whole range of new materials. She visits a lab where architects are using mycelia to create unexpected things. And talks to a designer and entrepreneur about how novel materials are enabling designers to think in entirely new dimensions and drive innovation.

#2 What if we took vacations on Mars?

Holidays on the ocean bed and distant planets. The second episode of "Future Dimensions" revolves around the fascination of travel.

To understand why humans have been travelling for millennia, Ricardia talks to a philosopher who has dedicated her research to travel. However, as preferences differ from culture to culture, the host also highlights differences in travel cultures with a Chinese expert and discusses travel trends that are currently moving Asia. Together with a futurologist, she also ventures a look into the distant future – and muses whether road trips could become space trips in a matter of decades.

#1 What if luxury was naturally sustainable?

Luxury products that are truly sustainable – this is the vision at the centre of the first episode of Future Dimensions.

For the podcast’s premiere, Ricardia embarks on a journey through the luxury universe. Together with a luxury expert and a marketing professor, she finds out why luxury goods excite us so much and move us emotionally. She talks to a designer and vintage fashion entrepreneur about how the fashion industry is becoming more sustainable. And explores with a brand consultant and a futurologist how the consumption of luxury goods is already changing – and why every company will have to act sustainably in future.

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The host – Ricardia Bramley

Ricardia Bramley is an Irish-Trinidadian voice artist, podcast producer and host, as well as a writer. She was born in London, raised there, as well as in Germany and the US. Several years ago, she moved from New York City to Berlin where she currently lives.

In her previous life, she starred in countless German and international movies, soap operas and commercial productions. In her own words, she is a permanent visitor, always moving between cultures and continents.

Her rich life experience is palpable in every episode of "Future Dimensions" – just like Ricardia's charm, humour and critically optimistic view of the future.