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Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (R 129) ** sold **

** This vehicle is already sold **

ALL TIME STARS is pleased to offer this R 129 300 SL.

Visit us at Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart and let yourself be convinced by this vehicle.

Before delivery this Mercedes-Benz classic car receives a comprehensive Service, a new Safety Inspection and a Mercedes-Benz Classic Car guarantee.

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Vehicle details

300 SL
R 129
18.400 Kilometer
Mercedes-Benz Museum
Collectors Edition
on request
on request
on request

Technical details

190 PS
2.960 ccm
disc brakes
disc brakes
95 s
228 km/h
10,3 l

Individual configuration

Silver Metallic
Leather Brazil
05.1988 / 03.1989 - 06.1993

Vehicle history

Vehicle history: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (R 129)

The world premiere of the new 129 series SL in March 1989 belonged to the main attractions of the Geneva Motor Show. The new types 300 SL, 300 SL-24 and 500 SL showed no common features with their preceding models except for their overall concept. Just like 18 years before, when the 350 SL demonstrated a great number of innovative construction details in automotive progress, the 129 series SL now also was a completely new car.

The new SL generation convinced by a harmonic and very successful stylistic shape. It expressed dynamics, sportiness, but also comfort and elegance. On the one hand, the design presented itself traditional, on the other hand, its new solutions of many details looked far into the future. Thus, for instance, the radiator grill, the legendary trade mark of the SL models, had been newly interpreted on the basis of remaining traditional shapes. In contrast to the preceding types, where the broad chrome frame and the star were dominant, the radiator cowling was now organically integrated into the engine bonnet. The star, now the only chrome decoration of the car, had been completed by horizontal lamellas of anodized aluminium.

Considerable improvements as to passive safety could be achieved in comparison to the preceding models. With high efforts in development the exemplary safety standard of the saloons and coupés could also be reached in the SL. Since there was no normal roof unit, a basically different body structure and therefore an intensive development work was demanded. The envisioned impact-resistant passenger compartment was achieved by combining several structural elements. Included were, first of all, a specially stiff body platform with high-strength metal sheets, large supporting elements as well as flexural resistant transitions from the A-pillars and the rear side parts to the frame side rails. The doors played a decisive role. By a well-devised bead of the door shell inner panel they functioned as a pressure resistant link between the front wall pillar and the centre pillar. Thus they contributed to preserving the survival space in case of a collision.

Not only safety was important, but also comfort, the foundations for which had been laid in the design of the bodywork. Additional diagonal members had been included to reduce the vibration and torsional movement typical of an open sports car. The front axle sub-frame was connected to the door sills and at the rear the spare wheel well was also connected to the door sills. This meant that torsional stiffness was 30 % better than with its predecessor and total stiffness was similar to that of a saloon car.

The new design of electro-hydraulic roof, standard equipment on the SL, was particularly convenient. By operating a single push-button the roof could be opened and stowed within 30 seconds. Closing the roof was just as fast. While opening or closing the roof the side windows and roll-over bar were automatically lowered and then raised again. The process was micro-processor controlled, involved the use of 17 end-position switches, 15 pressure cylinders and 11 magnetic valves.

A further innovation, used for the first time on the 129 series SL, was the so-called „windbreak“ consisting of a fine mesh material with a metal frame which could be fitted to the roll-over bar. When raised, the windbreak considerably increased comfort while driving open by reducing wind and wind noise to a minimum.

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