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The archives contain the combined knowledge of generations. They are a valuable resource which is drawn on by all areas of Mercedes-Benz Classic Service and Parts: for competent advice, for the supply and reproduction of parts, for repairs in the classic vehicle workshop and for the exhibits in the museum.

Whether you are interested in purchasing a vehicle, a repair or advice on parts, at Mercedes-Benz Classic Service and Parts you have at your disposal the entire expertise, the high-tech equipment and all the technical and archival resources of Daimler AG.

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Genuine parts for classic vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Classic continually produces replacement genuine parts for classic vehicles, in order to ensure the long-term availability of a full range of such parts. In addition to parts whose available stocks have run out and require to be replenished, parts which have been unavailable for some time are also manufactured. Immense efforts are involved here, as genuine parts are parts developed by Mercedes-Benz or by order of Mercedes-Benz which are produced in accordance with the company's exacting standards – and this applies equally to all reissues and replacement production.

In many instances, Mercedes-Benz Classic still has access to the research and development resources and the experience acquired in prototype construction at the plants as well as the latest technical facilities for the purposes of producing genuine replacement parts. Some 110,000 genuine parts are currently available for classic vehicles. The online Classic Parts Search is updated every month – so it is always worth taking a look.

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Workshop expertise.

First-hand knowledge.

Mercedes-Benz Classic is the practical consequence of an idea that Daimler-Benz AG first had in 1936 when it inaugurated its own show of historical vehicles. The declared aim back then was to preserve all of the company’s vehicles – many of them milestones in the history of automotive engineering – from series-produced vehicles to experimental vehicles and legendary racing cars. These automotive treasures have been looked after by the company’s own classic vehicle workshop from the outset. Over the course of the years the workshop has acquired a tremendous wealth of expert knowledge relating to all vehicles and model series since the invention of the automobile.

Today’s Mercedes-Benz Classic customers from Germany and beyond reap the benefits. Our skilled craftsmen are able to draw on the kind of knowledge which cannot be achieved simply by referring to repair guides or workshop manuals – an expertise which is passed on from generation to generation in the Mercedes-Benz Classic workshop. And the result of this comprehensive and grounded expertise is not only to be seen in every vehicle and exhibit at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, but remains very much alive on today’s roads and race circuits.


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The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center will be closed from December 21st, 2020 up to and including January 6th, 2021.

We wish you and your families Happy Holidays and all the best for 2021!