• Mercedes-Benz Brand Clubs.

A strong community.

Worldwide over 90,000 members in more than 80 Clubs are keeping alive the tradition of the Mercedes-Benz brand and maintaining the cultural heritage of the three-pointed star through public appearances at the wheel of their classic cars.

Club members are united by a common passion – that of owning a piece of automotive history made by Mercedes-Benz. They collect and maintain, preserve and drive these vehicles in public, so playing an invaluable role in allowing people to experience a great brand and the many milestones it has set in automotive history, as well as in its active documentation. And they do so within their club community and in the very finest tradition.

Given the legacy of its roots and predecessor brands, the term "tradition" has special significance for the Mercedes-Benz brand. It conveys a sense of identification, evolved over more than a century, with values that have come to define the brand. From the invention of the automobile to development of the very latest models, this "golden thread" runs like a manifesto of quality and innovative power in automotive engineering.

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Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management provides a link between the company and the various brand clubs around the world. Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management provides support worldwide on all matters concerning the officially recognised brand clubs, and is in close contact with Daimler AG's workshop, replacement parts service, vehicle sales and central archive.

The bonds between the clubs and the Mercedes-Benz brand are strengthened by numerous activities coordinated by Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management. These are also used actively to leverage and promote the role of members as ambassadors, multipliers and customers. In return, Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management provides the clubs with a range of services that help to preserve the automotive cultural assets of the world's oldest automotive manufacturer. For Mercedes-Benz stands for tradition and meticulous care – past, present and future.

Further information about Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management, what it does and the services it provides is available online www.mercedes-benz-clubs.com

Mercedes-Benz Silver Star Awards.

90,000 people around the world belong to one of over 80 clubs, through which they share their passion for Mercedes-Benz vehicles with like-minded enthusiasts. These clubs help to keep the heritage of the Mercedes-Benz brand alive and are supported in their efforts by Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management.

A characteristic feature of these Mercedes-Benz brand clubs is the pronounced sense of community that they engender. Their members are committed to maintain a consistent image around the world, a sense of tradition and loyalty towards the brand.

It goes without saying that every single member does his or her best for their club and for the Mercedes-Benz brand. Nevertheless, there will be occasions when particular individuals stand out for their very special contribution. These members may be nominated by another club member to receive the coveted Silver Star Award.

The criteria for a nomination may be strategic or operational in nature, or even emotional: the overcoming of severe difficulties when setting up a club can be just as valid as the demonstration of particular fairness in dealings with others. The award is a mark of the company's support, appreciation and gratitude towards clubs and their members and serves to increase motivation, recognise loyalty and further strengthen relationships.

Each member of an authorised Mercedes-Benz Club may put forward the name of another club member for the award once a year. A Mercedes-Benz Museum committee will then give its final approval to these proposals. The decision will be made at the Presidents’ Meeting of the international Mercedes-Benz clubs. The award recipient is presented with a certificate, a sculpture and the coveted Silver Star to be worn on a jacket or suit.

Mercedes-Benz brand clubs worldwide.

Here you can find the contact details of all 80 officially affiliated Mercedes-Benz brand clubs worldwide.