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    Mercedes-Benz 220/220 S/220 SE W180/ W 128 (1954 - 1959).

Introduced in 1954, the 220 model, also known internally as the 220 a (W 180), was the first Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder model to feature a unitised-body design.

Its modern, spacious “ponton body”, which Mercedes-Benz had launched just six months earlier in the mid-range 180 model, offered hitherto unknown standards of spaciousness and comfort. With the launch of the revised and more powerful 220 S in 1956, the letter “S” became a permanent fixture in the names of high-end Mercedes-Benz models, underlining the special status of the 6-cylinder “ponton” saloon.


  • Integral body construction
  • Increased spaciousness thanks to advanced self-supporting chassis-body structure
  • Front suspension subframe
  • Single-joint swing axle with low centre of rotation
  • Brake drums with "turbo cooler"
  • Heating with blower as standard, separately adjustable for driver and front passenger
  • "Hydrak" automated hydraulic clutch available as an optional extra (from 1957)
  • Mechanically controlled intake manifold petrol injection (220 SE, from 1958)