• Mercedes-Benz 770 “Grand Mercedes” W 07 (1930 - 1938).

In 1930, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the 770 “Grand Mercedes” (W 07) as the ultimate in automotive engineering.

This luxurious prestige saloon for the most discerning clientele was fitted with a powerful 8-cylinder compressor engine designed to deliver effortlessly superior performance. This new model, which represented a continuation of Mercedes-Benz’s decades-long tradition of luxury automobiles, was custom-manufactured at the Mercedes-Benz production facility in Sindelfingen, where every customer wish was comprehensively accommodated.


  • First series production passenger car with eight-cylinder supercharged engine
  • Dual ignition system with two spark plugs per cylinder (high-voltage magneto ignition and battery ignition)
  • High-speed transmission (five-speed manual transmission from 1938)
  • Tubular box section frame (from 1938)
  • DeDion rear axle (from 1938)