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    Timeless - Mercedes-Benz SL.

Timeless – Mercedes-Benz SL.

For 60 years the Mercedes-Benz SL has been the epitome of a sports car legend – a byword for outstanding innovation and refined athleticism. A vehicle in which engineers and designers answered challenges and expectations with spectacular innovations. Innovations still used and appreciated by Mercedes-Benz drivers to this day.

Even at its inception in 1952 the SL had the makings of a living legend: charismatic good looks, an unforgettable presence and all the ingredients for success. The conditions were in place for the SL story to run its extraordinary course:

The conditions were in place for the SL story to run its extraordinary course: an athletic powerhouse whose character was determined more by its unique design than was ever the case with any sports vehicle before it.

Originally built as a racing sports car, the Mercedes-Benz SL was designed for peak performance. However, customer demand prompted the developers of successor models to seek more refined ways to express athletic prowess. The SL combined increased power with innovations that kept on setting new benchmarks for comfort and safety. But the secret of its popularity was without doubt that the Mercedes-Benz SL wore its sporting ambition with an air of distinction and cultured refinement. It is a combination that has become the trademark of a living legend.