• Premiere: the Spezial-Roadster in Paris, 1934.

Sindelfingen: a car manufacturer. A department. A milestone.

The horseless carriage was the beginning of an emerging automotive industry in Europe. There is one place which made this boom possible: Sindelfingen. The Daimler-Benz AG company set up a department there for the construction of special cars in 1932 and was part of the reason that Sindelfingen became an industrial town.

The Special Roadster's concave and convex shapes are a unique characteristic of the vehicle.

First-class bodies were built here which, 80 years on, can fetch over three million dollars at auction as well as win prizes for their unique and exclusive design. Every car lover today still wants one of these vehicles in their garage.

The 500 K Special Roadster is now worth approximately three million euros.

Completing the construction of special cars.

The head of department Hermann Ahrens and the engineer Friedrich Geiger from the Sindelfingen production plant for special car construction placed high esteem on the design lines and a clean, hand-crafted quality in order to guarantee a vehicle's long life cycle. Customer wishes were already a high priority in the “Sindelfingen plant”, with the vehicle equipment being coordinated to the relevant future owner, right down to the smallest of details. The Sindelfingen vehicle badge became one of the most respectable references in the automotive world thanks to the "Model 500 with compressor” mention, referring of course to the 500 K Spezial-Roadster.

25 models in three years.

The 500 series was produced from 1934 until 1937, with around 25 models being made in these few short years. These included various versions of the 500 K Roadster; Cabriolet to Coupé, the 540 K Roadster model series and the extremely rare and world-renowned 500 K Spezial-Roadster. Vehicles to be driven by princes, dukes and barons.

The 500 K Special Roadster was to become the milestone of the successful series.

Now only higher earners can afford the exquisite 500 K Spezial-Roadster, with their value reaching over three million euros each. It's no wonder really, especially when you bear in mind that the streamlined shape of the Spezial-Roadster embodies a classic beauty which reflects the chic and elegance of the 1930's just as well today as it did back then.

The special cars from Sindelfingen still maintain an excellent reputation for quality and craftsmanship today as they did in times gone by.

Its debuts 80 years ago and today.

The Spezial-Roadster made its momentous debut 80 years ago, when it was presented for the very first time at the Mondiale de l'Automobile in Paris. The international “Motor Show” took place this year in Paris from 4 to 14 October and Mercedes-Benz presented numerous innovations.

Among which, the new generation of B-Class and the B-Class Electric Drive, the Mercedes-AMG C 63, the Mercedes-AMG GT, the S 65 AMG Coupé as well as the efficient Mercedes-Benz S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID luxury saloon – new beginnings which might well be celebrated again in another 80 years.