• A museum with “five-star” aspirations.

A museum with “five-star” aspirations.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum opened in 2006 is a landmark – for Mercedes-Benz and therefore for Daimler, for the city of Stuttgart, for Baden-Württemberg, for Germany and for Europe. As a landmark, it makes people want to see and experience it. More than eight million visitors since 2006 is an outstanding success story for the Museum.

Since it opened its doors in the new location, the Mercedes-Benz Museum has dependably received its visitors from Tuesday to Sunday with the message: “Welcome to the home of Mercedes-Benz”.

The Museum is designed for the greatest possible hospitality – with 'five-star' aspirations. Numerous factors contribute to this. The extensive exhibition, a building completely without barriers, an intelligently conceived operating concept and a motivated, well-qualified team of employees are the most important of these.

The representative visitor surveys conducted over the years confirm how well the different factors work together: these regularly show an outstandingly good satisfaction rating of 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 6 – and usually the score is even slightly better.

A total of over 9 million visitors since 2006 is another confirmation of success. Exactly 876,109 visitors came to the Mercedes-Benz Museum last year (2017), more than ever before and 6.87 percent more than in 2016.