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General information.



  • Level 8 with a view of the Neckar Valley and Stuttgart
  • Standing reception, concert, party
  • Subject to weather conditions (unroofed area)
  • Only bookable together with Casino and Lounge

Availability: outside normal opening hours

Size: 375 square metres

Seating capacity (approximate): Party: 200, standing reception: 200

Technical facilities:

  • Power connections:230 volts, 440 volts up to 63 amps
  • Water and waste water connection
  • Wind protection
  • Sunshades

Event enquiry

Roof terrace.

Incomparable vista: The roof terrace is an open-air event area, and scores with its breathtaking view of the Neckar Valley and Stuttgart. At night the stars appear particularly close.

360° View.




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