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    Mercedes-Benz 1624 car transporter.

Mercedes-Benz 1624 car transporter.

The Mercedes-Benz 1624, a 16-tonner, was a member of the New Generation of medium- and heavy-duty trucks introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 1973. As a car transporter it was usually combined with a trailer and carried up to ten mid-sized cars or eleven small cars. The exhibited vehicle is laden with four Mercedes-Benz cars from the Sindelfingen factory.

  • Cylinders V8
  • Displacement 779 cu in
  • Output 177 kW
  • at engine speed 2800/min
  • Top speed 61 mph
  • Payload capacity 15210 lbs
  • Production period 1975-1982
  • Units produced 4709
Mercedes-Benz 1624 car transporter.