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    Mercedes-Benz Auto 2000.

Mercedes-Benz Auto 2000.

Mercedes-Benz showed the Auto 2000 at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main in 1981. The aim of the project was to cut fuel consumption significantly. To achieve this, three drive concepts were tested for the first time in this research car: a V8 petrol engine with cylinder cut-out system, a V6 turbodiesel engine, and a gas turbine drive. The aerodynamically optimised body (Cd=0.28) likewise helped reduced consumption.

  • Drive Combustion engine
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Output 110 kW / 150 hp
  • Top speed 150 km/h / 93 mph
  • Range 860 km / 534 mls
Mercedes-Benz Auto 2000.