• “First Move the World”.

The Purpose of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The automotive industry is on the verge of a fundamental change. Electric mobility and digitisation are completely changing the mobility of the future. In this dynamic and unpredictable environment, it is more important than ever to be aware of our strengths and our role in the world. This is why Mercedes-Benz Cars has defined an all-encompassing Purpose.

We define “Purpose” as the reason or inner meaning behind what we do. Organisational scientists take it to mean the reason why a company or an organisation exists – an all-embracing statement that gives employees, customers and stockholders orientation in equal measure. While Purpose is about commercial success, it is also about added value for society as a whole.

The Purpose of Mercedes-Benz Cars has been there since Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz invented the automobile – but it was only officially formulated in spring 2018. To this end, several hundred interviews were conducted worldwide from summer 2017, over 200 historical and current documents were evaluated and more than 23,000 employees from different regions, functions and hierarchical levels were surveyed.

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“First Move the World”.

“‘Purpose’ is the deeper meaning behind our work, it is what drives us and our ‘reason why’: ‘First Move the World’. This gets us out of bed each morning. Accordingly, this is also our guide when we develop any new Mercedes-Benz.” This is how Ola Källenius, Chairman of Daimler AG & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Cars, opened the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt in 2019.

“First Move the World” means pursuing more than what is immediately achievable. This pioneering spirit is part of our DNA. This is why it also gives guidance for the all-embracing and sustainable Mercedes-Benz Cars business strategy, and the basis for our strategic decisions. It gave rise to, for example, Ambition 2039, our road to sustainable mobility.

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One Team.

Everybody at Mercedes-Benz Cars is an important part of the greater whole. This is the strong sense of community that unites us. Our history has given us a rich heritage, but also the major obligation to maintain this heritage each day. We can only do this together. And that is precisely A Bond that Unites.

All the care and passion we invest in our work is not only visible, but also tangible. In the form of beauty. A Beauty that Moves Us, and is living proof of the dynamic and luxurious Mercedes-Benz brand experience, which not only moves people physically but also emotionally.

In addition to maintaining the rich tradition of our heritage and the passion that defines our work, it is diversity that makes us a community and unites us. We consciously want to promote this diversity and therefore stand by our voluntary commitment to promoting women in executive positions worldwide.

We are bound in Germany by the “Act on the Equal Participation of Women and Men in Executive Positions in both the Private and the Public Sector” that applies to listed companies or those subject to co-determination. We comply with this statutory obligation and have defined target figures for the proportion of women accordingly.

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