• Mercedes-Benz Future World: A Vision.

Modern luxury for a future world.

“With our design philosophy of Sensual Purity we initiated a shift in automotive design,” observes Gorden Wagener. “Hot and cool” is how Wagener describes this combination of emotion and intelligence which stands for modern luxury. The designers have long since ventured beyond the field of automotive design. Under the Mercedes-Benz Style label, Gorden Wagener and his team design lifestyle products for other areas of life.

From boats or a helicopter to the interior of an aircraft cabin or of luxury apartments – they apply a holistic design approach to combine technological expertise with creative passion, engendering new life worlds in the process. Created especially for the book “Sensual Purity – Gorden Wagener on Design”, the “Mercedes-Benz Future World” provides an idea of what such new worlds might look like in the future.

The “Sky Design Lounge” in the Mercedes-Benz Future World offers a breathtaking 360° panoramic view above the cloud line.

Old requirements are redundant.

The old requirements of opulence and excess, of gilt and swagger, ankle-deep carpet, golden tabs and privilege is redundant. New definitions of luxury are more concerned with the quality of experiences than the abundance of materials. People do not want more, they want better. So, luxury, nowadays, is freedom, space, air, privacy, silence … It’s more a matter of absence of negatives than an excess of positives. Liberating driver and passenger for productive work or social exchange hints at new design adventures to come. As Coco Chanel knew, luxury is not the opposite of poverty, but the opposite of vulgarity. And in the world of the car, “vulgarity” is the unattractive mess of so much driving today.

Always avoiding the obvious.

A car designer has, essentially, to be creative. Art and philosophy are useful inspirations here. Picasso said he was always doing things he could not do so as to learn how to do them. He worshipped the imagination: If it can be imagined, Picasso said, it’s already “real”. Meanwhile, Ludwig Wittgenstein believed that doing “silly” things was a reliable way to make intelligent discoveries. So this is the way Mercedes-Benz design teams must work. Doing things they find impossible or difficult, imagining new realities and always avoiding the obvious. At the same time, they also have to create products that engage and excite the passion and sense of romance of their customers.

Visionary Super Car in the Mercedes-Benz Future World.
Mercedes-Benz Future World: "Intelligent Solar Panel High-Speed Road". This high-speed road includes an autonomous high-speed vehicle guidance.

Design language of the future.

So Gorden Wagener and his design team have a job as simple and as complicated as this: design a better, more beautiful, and more intelligent future. The cool, pixellated, data-intense technology we are beginning to initiate will dictate design language in the future. So, Team Wagener has to make yottabytes as exciting as a 1955 300 SL, but how? Their unique response to this challenge can be found in the Mercedes-Benz Future World they have created especially for the book “Sensual Purity – Gorden Wagener on Design”.

Dreams of a future world.

The “Mercedes-Benz Future World” shows how the designers’ dreams of a future world take shape as fascinatingly bold yet realistic visions. A visionary environment of the future is to be seen, with roads, bridges, villas and skyscrapers, cars, boats and aircraft. The “Mercedes-Benz Future World” is inspired by the design philosophy of Sensual Purity, which combines the brand’s two poles of emotion and intelligence in a unique fashion.

A designer travels in his mind and imagines a world he creates on his own. What would a Mercedes-Benz World would look like in the future: what if the infrastructure could be designed – what would the buildings, offices, cars, streets and bridges look like? For Mercedes-Benz good design has to be beautiful and intelligent, or – brought to a point – hot and cool.

The “Mercedes-Benz Future World” shows how the designers dream of a future world.

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