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Grand entrance of the perfect companion.

To mark the launch of the new generation of the A-Class, Mercedes-Benz is starting an extensive marketing and advertising campaign on all communication channels. The campaign will be centred on various print advertisements and a TV commercial. The claim of the campaign: “The A-Class. Ready for a new generation.”

Aimed at a young, modern target group, it will present the vehicle as the perfect companion in everyday life. The message is: the new generation of the A-Class offers its occupants even more comfort than before while remaining as dynamic as ever.

Front view of the new generation of the A-Class.

Graphic lines and clear contours.

The various themes of the print advertisements present the A-Class in a richly contrasting urban setting. Daylight produces graphic lines and clear contours within a modern architecture. Yellow lane markings give an air of dynamism, passers-by in the background provide an added source of emotion, colour and vitality.

Front view of the new generation of the A-Class.

Shadows merge vehicle and ground into a single entity, giving the A-Class a confident, solid poise.

Diversified scenes.

The TV commercial, too, will show the dynamic temperament of the new generation of the A-Class. The protagonist in the spot experiences different adventures that he triggers and influences through the configuration of his vehicle. The variation of the colour transitions creates a fantastical journey from one world to another.

Rear view of the new generation of the A-Class.

The film is terminated by a sudden stop. The protagonist’s girlfriend takes over the configuration and is herself immersed in another world.


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