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    As fast as the wind: The smart forspeed.

Thanks to a waterproof coating, the smart forspeed ensures pure driving pleasure whatever the weather.

A unique driving experience.

No roof, as little glazing as possible and a rear-mounted, powerful emission-free electric motor: the smart forspeed combines responsibility and emotion in a new, intriguing way. The two-seater has no roof or side windows and, instead of a windscreen, it features a low wind deflector in the style of a classic propeller aircraft. The result is a unique, locally emission-free way of enjoying fresh air in the impressive design of a smart. Once again, it's been proven that: "smart isn't just a practical city car, but it's also a big idea", as explains Dr Annette Winkler, Head of smart.

Puristic sportiness.

“With its daring design, the cult brand smart has always taken the unconventional route. The forspeed puts puristic sportiness in the spotlight and is also the shaping force of a new type of awareness for mobility solutions”, explains Chief Design Officer Daimler AG, Prof. Gorden Wagener.

It's worth looking at the upcoming generations because smart stands for innovation.

The smart forspeed – an appropriate reference to its futuristic design – proves that it is aware of what mobility in the future will require: its powerful, environmentally-friendly electric drive with Extra Boost mode is a perfect example.

The fascinating forspeed.

With its high-gloss white metallic paint finish, the smart forspeed draws parallels with elegant and robust aerodynamic aircraft designs. Smooth, handle-free door and tailgate surfaces, as well as a number of other details borrowed from aircraft design serve to reduce the car's air resistance. Just as water droplets on the windscreen of an aeroplane cockpit roll out towards the sides of the fuselage, the turn signal indicators also appear to head outwards, pointing like arrows. The front and rear bumpers house many honeycomb-shaped air inlets and lend the vehicle a fascinating visual progression. Their shape also makes the forspeed appear particularly wide firmly seated on the road.

The exterior is conventionally unconventional and draws on elements from classical aircraft design.
The controls of the smart forspeed: smooth smartphone integration helps ensure problem-free navigation.

Turbine-like cockpits.

The outside of the doors blends seamlessly into their inside panelling. High-gloss white dominates not only the exterior paint finish but also the colour scheme of the vehicle's interior. The puristic sportiness combines with yet another feature reminiscent of aircraft construction: both the driver and “co-pilot” take up their place in front of two round, turbine-like “cockpits”. The leather seats are a sporty, modern interpretation of single-shell bucket seats. Four-point seat belts lend the interior additional green highlights. Load-bearing construction elements, however, are finished in matt platinum silver. As soon as the forspeed is started, LEDs shine through the translucent Silver Shadow paint and show the charge level of the smart's batteries.

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