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The smart fourjoy opens up urban space also for four passengers in future.

Urban lifestyle.

Pure urban joie de vivre. More than two seats are also fully in keeping with the smart brand experience: the smart fourjoy proves this. With its compact dimensions the smart fourjoy boasts the agility typical of the band and greets the viewer with a fresh smile that is both friendly and assertive. “The further development of the smart face make this study a modern design icon” says Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler AG. The typical smart attributes of its predecessors embody the carefree urban lifestyle as the smart design philosophy is being carried into a new era of mobility. The four-seater is the forerunner of a new smart generation providing driving fun with zero local emissions.

Shaping transparency.

The deliberately three-dimensional, upright front gives it a very friendly, yet expressive appearance. The extremely pronounced tridion cell is a new feature. On the study it is made of polished full-aluminium and its brilliant bright lustre finish emphasises the premium character of the brand and grants the smart fourjoy a futuristic and precious look. A look back to the future: as with the first-generation smart fortwo the rear lights are integrated in the tridion cell.

The tridion safety cell remains a unique feature.

Like turbines, cubes have been incorporated into the plexiglass there. No doors, no rear window and an open roof – this gives viewers an unhindered view of the futuristic interior.

Futuristic lounge-feeling.

The smart fourjoy really brings the city inside. The most striking interior features are the two futuristic-looking front seats and the rear seat bench with a similar design. With their organic, sculptural shape they are reminiscent of modern lounge furniture. The seat shell has a harmonious design. As the floor is dark the seats seem to float. The seats and the instrument panel are supported by a continuous central structure. It features a convex surface with touch-sensitive operating functions. Two smartphones are mounted on the dashboard and on the centre tunnel at the rear for cutting-edge connectivity and tailor-made entertainment for all four passengers.

Two smartphones are mounted on the dashboard and on the centre tunnel at the rear for cutting-edge connectivity and tailor-made entertainment for all four passengers.
The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 17.6 kilowatt hours and can be charged overnight.

Zero local emissions.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art electric drive with a 55 kW magneto-electric motor the zero-local-emission smart fourjoy offers agile and lively driving performance. The electric drive housed at the rear is based on the current smart fortwo electric drive. Then completely empty it takes a maximum of seven hours to fully charge the battery at a household socket or charging station on the electricity systems of most countries, for example overnight. For the last mile two longboards are fastened on the roof of the smart fourjoy. With these electrically driven skateboards it is possible to cover short distances in the city without producing any local emissions.

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