• Motor yacht ARROW460: Contemporary luxury on the water.

In Monaco Mercedes-Benz Style and Silver Arrows Marine are showing the interior of the "ARROW460 – Granturismo" motor yacht for the first time.

Innovative Interior.

The interior combines the advantages of a sporty, open boat with the spacious interior and the private sphere of a luxurious trunk cabin cruiser. This makes the yacht, which offers room for up to ten passengers, suitable both for day trips and for multi-day excursions. The interior is characterised by a high degree of variability. The large side windows are retractable, and the windscreen can be raised.

Comfort, entertainment and leisure.

Comfort comes courtesy of a luxurious bathroom and a separate multifunctional console. The yacht is also fully equipped with all relevant equipment for comfort, entertainment and leisure. Wood is used as a trim material throughout the entire interior. Through a three-dimensional application, the grain of the eucalyptus wood follows the overarching forms of the interior lining, underscoring the overall flow of the interior.

For the floor covering a sustainable composite material was chosen, and the designers refined it with a flowing decor and a harmonious colour combination. The glazing is also characterised by a new type of technology. Light transmission can be controlled electronically in the same way as the Mercedes‑Benz Magic Sky technology; at the same time the shimmering silver glazing is seamlessly integrated in the overall silhouette.

The windows enable the passengers to sit comfortably in the interior with an all-round view and the feeling of sitting in the open.
The motor yacht "ARROW460 – Granturismo" as an Edition 1 model, having undertaken its maiden voyage in April 2016.

A new standard for motor yachts.

“By blending the maritime and automotive world with their respective design idioms, technologies and ideas we have created a new standard for motor yachts. The ‘ARROW460 – Granturismo’ blends maritime engineering artistry with charismatic design and perfect elegance, familiar from the world of Mercedes-Benz,” says Ron Gibbs, Chairman of Silver Arrows Marine (SAM).

Contemporary luxury – hot and cool.

SAM will be starting production of the yacht in the coming months. The first yachts will be delivered to customers in the second half of 2017. And, in cooperation with Lufthansa Technik, a new, holistic cabin concept for 16 passengers has been created, and it goes beyond the previously familiar dimensions of aircraft interiors.

Lufthansa Technik was presenting the final interior design of a VIP aircraft cabin for short- and medium-haul flights. So Mercedes-Benz Style was celebrating no less than two world premieres at the Monaco Yacht Show, which up until 1 October 2016 was attracting international boating enthusiasts to the Principality on the Mediterranean.

"We have created products that reveal a perfect contemporary luxury – hot and cool." says Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler AG.