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Holistic approach to design.

Their focus is on the Mercedes-Benz brand, with the design philosophy of sensual purity which defines a modern luxury. The design philosophy expresses an essential aspect of the brand – the bipolarity of intelligence and emotion.

The aim is to create pure forms and sensual surfaces that showcase high tech while radiating emotional appeal.

Frontal view of different Mercedes-Benz cars and commercial vehicles.

Hot and cool.

For Mercedes-Benz good design has to be beautiful and intelligent. It has to be hot and cool. Hot means to fall in love with something, it is emotional and irresistible. On the other side cool is technical and reduced, something completely new, surprisingly and never seen before. With that philosophy the designers of the Daimler Design department create not only vehicles but also a world of modern luxury.

Modern luxury.

Their aim is that the company is recognized as an international luxury label. The designers create an all-over experience and therefore every touchpoint, where the customers get in contact with the company.

As for them, luxury is much more than an automotive statement, it is a lifestyle.